WARM (Writing, Art, Reading, Music)

Our school, Pigeon Forge Primary, is planning a night for our students and their parents to CELEBRATE Literacy through the arts.  All students are invited to bring a parent, grandparent, or guardian to an evening at school we call WARM.  WARM is an acronym for Writing, Art, Reading, and Music.

Newbery Honor author Kathi Appelt will be our guest writer. Kathi is the author of two middle level chapter books including Newbery Honor book, The Underneath and The Keeper. She has also written a variety of books for young children.

An outline of activities is shown below on the “save the date” flyer being sent home to parents.


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STOY (State Teachers of the Year) Service Opportunity in Sevierville, TN for 2011

Photo from area.

Edna Rogers, former Tennessee Teacher of the Year, is planning a service event  for current and former State Teachers of the Year in Sevierville, TN this summer.  Please contact Edna if you are interested in attending. 



TUESDAY –  JUNE 14 -Arrival



9:00-10:00 – Workshops

10:00-11:00 –Workshops

11:00-1:00 – Lunch

1:00-3:00 Large Group / Small Groups   SCIENCE PROJECT   Or

 Workshops   1:00-2:00; 2:00-3:00

3:00 – Wrap-up


A.M. – Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse  – Great Smoky Mountains

 National Park

“Old Time Spelling Bee” – led by Robin Goddard (retired teacher)

Presentation – “Then & Now”

LUNCH – Metcalf Bottoms Picnic/cookout

P.M. –  Service Projects (in honor of Dolly Parton by NSTOY)

         1) Graffiti removal from school house

         2)  Rock removal from Little River

         3)  Citizen Science Project

Special Sessions – Led by Joy Harrold , Education Director of GSMNP

         “Parks As Classrooms”

         “Hands on Activities”


All hands on activities materials furnished by GSMNP

High School Interns and College Education students will be available for participation and as helpers

Wrap Up and Closing



A.M. – Reception

Playhouse – Guests of special presentation: LADYBUG GIRL AND BUMBLEBEE BOY  – Presented by Penquin Players  w/ Dolly and author, David Sonman

Dolly’s Chasing Rainbows Award Ceremony

LUNCH –on your own at Dollywood

P.M. – Free time in Dollywood/Return to Hotel

SATURDAY, JUNE 18 – Departure/Free time in Pigeon Forge (Trolleys run from Hotel)

NOTES – School Buses will be furnished Wed., Thurs., and Fri. in honor of

 Cheryl Deaton, our 2011 TN-TOY


HOTEL – MainStay Suites – in Pigeon Forge  (Special rates—-peak tourists season)

$  98.00  Standard

 $ 106.00 King

Reservation information will be available March 2011.


Airport Transportation – Rental Car, Taxi (on your own)  McGhee Tyson Airport Knoxville, TN

Wed., Thurs., Fri. – School Buses

Sat. – Pigeon Forge Trolley Service picks up at hotel

SERVICE PROJECTS – in honor of Dolly Parton for her involvement in NSTOY,

“our children” (education), and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  NSTOY will give presentation to Dolly at Chasing Rainbows Award Ceremony.






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2011 New Year Resolutions

New Years: it presents a chance for a fresh start; an opportunity to start over.  What will we do with this chance to begin anew?

  How about :

1. Get in Shape and Lose Weight,

2. Become More Charitable To Fellow Mankind,

3. Get Organized,

4. Learn New Skills, and

5. Help Others In Need.

No doubt all these resolutions sound worthwhile, and most of us would agree that actually doing them would improve our lives.  But how about

helping our students set similar goals for 2011?  I return to the classroom on January 5, 2011 and plan to help my  fourth grade students set

 forth resolutions for the New Year.  I am imagining a set of class resolutions,  similar to the list above, that my studentas and I will agree to

strive toward together. While this sounds like a serious activity, adding a little levity may make it more meaningful to studensts. Here is what

our class resolutions might look like. Imagine a template as follows:

A Declaration On This January Day :

A Set Of Resolutions For  2011:

Prepared On The Occasion Of The First Day Back At School In 2011 By Mrs. Deaton’s Class:

1. Watch What I Eat,

2. Be Nicer To Everyone In Our Class,

3. Don’t Let the Dog Eat My Homework,

4. Do My Schoolwork With A Smile On My Face, and

5. Lend My Neighbor A Pencil  When In Need.

In Recognition Of  The Season And The Reason , It Is Hereby Declared And Affirmed That We, The Members Of Mrs. Deaton’s Fourth Grade,

Class Do Humbly Agree To Abide My These Five Little Principles To Make A Better Life In Our Classroom.  Who Shall Set Forth This Stuff Shall

Be Bound By It. Done This Fifth Day Of January In The Year 2011 In The Surrounding Of Our Little Classroom In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee At

The Beginning Of This New Year. Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

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Here I am at the October Banquet in Nashville with my children. William Deaton is the Human Resources Manager for a Houston based oil company. Celia Castle is an elementary art teacher, who was selected Teacher of the Year by her school in 2010.

On October 21,2010, I was surprised and humbled to be named the 2011 Tennessee Teacher of the Year.  Being named Teacher of the Year is not  like winning the Spelling Bee or the Science Fair where one person is selected because their skills are the best in a particular competition.  The Tennessee Teacher of the Year is simply the selection of one person, who for a short while, represents all teachers in our state, and brings attention to teaching as a profession.

My selection as Tennessee Teacher of the Year has caused me to think about the many students I have taught over the 30 plus years of my career.  Latisha, Demetrius, Erica, Greg….their names and  stories could go on for hours, if not days.  Have I touched the lives of every child that has crossed the threshold of my classroom?  Of course not.  But every child I have ever known has in his or her own way been a hero in my eyes.  And collectively, the many heroes I have taught have:

1. Filled me with HOPE as HARBINGERS for the future;

2. Heightened my awareness and sensitivity for the HUMANITY in each of us;

3. Improved my sense of HUMOR, sometimes sprinkling it with pure HILARITY;

4. Restored my HUMILITY by keeping excessive HUBRIS at bay;

5. Increased my respect for the benefits of a HETEROGENEOUS society;

6. Allowed me to spend over 6,000 school days, as well as many nights and weekends, engaged in the most HONORABLE profession I know;

and lastly,

7. Filled my soul with a degree of HAPPINESS that could never have been matched in other professional pursuits.

For a host of reasons that I will discuss in future blogs, good teachers are more important now than ever before .  Good teaching is far more than the aggregate of numbers and statistics. Teaching is the transformation force upon which our future rests.  The HOPE, HUMILITY, HUMANITY, and Honor that teachers and their students build in classrooms around our state and nation each and every day will become the engine for that future.

I am thankful ever day to be a teacher and am honored to represent teachers in all regions of  Tennessee, and particular Pigeon Forge Primary and Sevier County Schools in 2011.

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